US EPA. Breakdown of EPA’s Brownfields System

US EPA. Breakdown of EPA’s Brownfields System


EPA’s Brownfields and Land Revitalization Program Overview

Advantages to Communities

The Brownfields Program creates advantages for neighborhood communities, as highlighted below.

  • Projects leveraged $20.24 per EPA buck expended
  • Leveraged a lot more than 170,724 jobs nationwide
  • Can increase investment property values 5% – 15.2% near brownfields sitesExit whenever cleanup is finished
  • Increases tax that is local whenever cleaning is finished

For more information about the Brownfields Program:

Concept of a Brownfield Web Web Web Web Site

The term “brownfield site” means real property, the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of which may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant with certain legal exclusions and additions. Clearing up and reinvesting during these properties protects the environmental surroundings, decreases blight, and takes development pressures off greenspaces and working lands.

This is can be found in Public Law 107-118 (H.R. 2869), the “Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act”, finalized into legislation.…