Crafting the future

MAFO Consulting Limited (MCL), a corporate house directed and managed by accredited Chartered Accountants and supported by multi-discipline veteran s ector professionals, offers specialized need based professional services to its clients, which may be from d evelopment sectors, businesses or individuals having focus on Management, Automation, Finance and  occupational assistances such as recruitment, training, placement, professional general efficiency development, skill development on diverse work areas, career counseling, brand promotion etc. Considering global priorities, it contains Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) targets within its activity domains particularly on education, health, quality, compliances, SME development, environment and technology issues. It is a ONE STOP SERVICE CENTRE for the clients from starting to end. A pool of sector experts is just on foot to provide you the very service you need for launching or growth. MCL has created a special entrepreneurship development cell for the Bangladeshi nationals returned from abroad to assist them in self-employment generation. We craft others future with our trustworthy service.

We have a world class capacity development institute – Institute of Practice learning, first of this kind in Bangladesh, to fill the knowledge gaps of passing out university graduates for crafting their future career plan. We mean to say they will be a real professional person from the start of their maiden career. We help them out to be ahead of others.

Our Vision

  • To craft the future of our nation towards sustainable growth.
  • To make the country self relient and globally empowered.
  • To make our organization a lagendary hub for development support services.
  • To make our country all equipped for a sustained self suficient economy.
  • To be a trustworthy player of the socio-economic development field.
  • To support international initiatives for development of our community, society and national interest.

Our Mission

  • To provide supports to individuals, corporates, NGOs, and civil society organizations in developing their respective management, operational, financial, technological and occupational efficiency.
  • To support implementation of innovations and environmental development efforts.
  • To undertake research and study necessary for national development.
  • To support any effort or undertake development initiatives for education, health and hygiene, ICT promotion and environmental improvement.
  • To support development of new investments, projects and corporate structure of any kind.
  • To undertake management responsibility of any organization as managing agent.